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Nutrition and Supplementation

Genetic Test

What is it?

GenSportsPro Nutrition and Supplementation (GSP-NS) test is the genetic analysis that provides information on how your body respondes to different stimuli related to nutrition, supplementation and body composition - nowadays, genetics are thought to be responsible for 40-60% of an athlete's results.


With an individual and personalized report written by our team of experts, GSP-NS delivers valuable insights to sports nutrition and athlete preparation, being the cutting edge science to understand your body, pinpointing how your system works and which foods are the ideal fuel to your practice, as well as those which should be avoided, helping you improve your overall performance, health and wellness.


No matter the exercise, the information provided may be applied to a series of sports, such as running, football, basketball, cycling, baseball, swimming, tennis, gym, etc., because it helps you understand some key factors, as follows:

  • Metabolism of macronutrients (protein, lipids and carbs)

  • Consumption, absorption and caffeine sensitivity

  • Vitamins A/B/C/D/E needs

  • Gluten and lactose intolerance

  • Omega 3 needs

  • Saturated fat sensitivity

  • Supplementation: antioxidants, iron, green tea, etc.

  • Salt sensitivity and blood pressure

  • Body fat

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Why do it?

Gaining access to detailed information on your system allows for a total customization of your diet, adjusting it to your specific caloric needs according to your sport practice and lifestyle. Providing the most adequate food to your body has a major influence on performance and health, as well as aiding with injury prevention.


GSP-NS is then recommended to everyone that desires to find out how the intake of certain foods has an impact on the metabolism, the needs of his/her body and is searching for a more balanced diet and life.

Top benefits

Point out which food you should consume to improve your sport practice

Advise on how to reduce toxin and fat accumulation

Decrease or restriction suggestions of foods that don't match you

Check out how your system works with:

Macronutrients (protein, carb and lipids)

Saturated fat sensitivity

Gluten and lactose intolerance

Omega 3 needs



Salt and caffeine


How it's done


Buy the kit here on the site and get it anywhere in the country


Take the sample wherever you want - quick and painless


Send us the sample and consent using our packaging


Your sample goes through cutting edge equipment for genetics analisis


A team of experts prepares a customized report, based on your genetics


You either get the report by email or download it from our site


Talk to your doctor, coach or nutritionist, adjust your training and improve your results

The kit contains:

  • Saliva collector

  • Instructions

  • Informed Consent

  • Envelope to return the sample 


The science

GSP-NS was developed through years of observation and study of athletes by world-known researchers in the areas of genetics, biomedicine, molecular biology, sports medicine, nutrition and physical preparation coaches. Its results and reliability are corroborated by a series of scientific papers.

There are over 200 markers mapped and analized nowadays, specifically for sports, in areas like speed, strenght, power, resistance, predisposition to injuries, nutrition and performance - GSP-NS analizes a number of genetic markers (SNPs) directly related to physical conditions, such as:

  • ADRB2, ADRB3 and PPARG: metabolism of macronutrients

  • FABP2, FTO, LPL and COMT: sensitivity to saturated fat

  • IL6 and TNF: Omega 3 needs

  • MCM6: lactose intolerance

  • HLA_DQ: gluten intolerance

  • GSTT1 and GSTM1: antioxidant capacity

  • MTHFR: vitamin B need

  • VDR and FOK: vitamin D need

  • SOD, CAT and GPX1: vitamins A/C/E needs

  • CYP1A2: caffeine sensitivity

  • ACE and AGT: salt sensitivity

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