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About us

We are an international company, based in Florida (US), focused on developing and providing the most advanced genetic tests for sports in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, constantly researching and enhancing our products with the help of our 90+ staff in 3 different countries.

Our mission is to improve athletes' health and performance through the use of genetics on nutrition, supplementation, injury prevention, body composition and advice on physical exercises.


About the test

Through a series of genetic markers and polymorphisms (SNPs - Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms), biogenetics breaktroughs in analysis and gene understanding and years of study and research from all our professionals, we now bring to the market a very solid and science-based test.

The whole set of information is delivered in a highly detailed report, with hands-on customized suggestions to each and every person, made by our multidisciplinary team - we're also available to provide scientific advice to sports professionals.

The tests applications aim to improve and extend athletes' performance and competitive level, as well as the prescription of personal healthy habits. Did you know that, according to the latest hereditary studies, genetics can have a 40-60% influence on human variability when it comes to training capacity and injury proneness?

From then on, your customized sport planning will adopt a multidisciplinary approach, including your anthropometric, physiological, genetic and sporting peculiarities. This is a must-have feature for your training, specially when it comes do intensity, volume and recovety time between series and sessioes, allowing better cardiovascular, respiratory, contractile and metabolic adaptations through precise information.

And all these conditions are available in tests created by professionals in the fields of molecular biology, sports medicine, physical preparation, physiotherapy and nutrition - a team of international experts.

Legal Notice

All the tests offered by GenSportPro offer information on proneness, that is, the results presented do not determine in any way that a person, due to his/her genetics, will certainly suffer an injury, in the same way as a person with low risk will never suffer one.


We strongly recommend that you discuss the results with your trusted practitioners, such as sports physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, physical trainers and others, to better understand the reports and their practical applications, never making by yourself adaptations of load, intensity and frequency in your training without professional advice.


GenSportsPro is not responsible for any consequences arising from the test results, which are only a predictive and indicative information tool, with no pretension to serve as a definitive diagnosis of any physical condition.


Before taking the test, carefully read all the documentation and make sure you have completed the Informed Consent and the Questionnaire, without which we will not be able to perform your analysis.

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