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GSP-AA | Strenght Sports

GSP-AA | Strenght Sports


Nutrition and Supplementation genetic testing:

  • 190 genes
  • 103 characteristics analized (phenotypes)


This test analyzes the following exclusive conditions, when compared to Endurance Sports:



  • Biceps strenght 1RM
  • Isometric biceps strenght
  • Concentric quadriceps strenght
  • Grip strenght


  • Increased biceps strenght 1RM
  • Muscle hypertrophy
  • Subcutaneous fat reduction

  • Increased isometric biceps strenght

  • Increased cortical bone volume

Body Composition

  • Fast-twitch muscle fibers


  • Fatigue - concentric quadriceps strenght


  • The kit contains all materials needed to your testing, as well as sample collection instructions.


    Results will be accessible on our website or sent to you by email 6-8 weeks after we receive your sample.  


    For further questions, please contact us.

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